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Course Overview

DCP50 Miler Course Overview

2022 DC Peaks

Our Redemption Story

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Our Mission

As ultra runners ourselves, we're tired of how old-school the ultra marathon world can feel. Utah is in dire need of a fresh, young ultra marathon. Our goal here at DC Peaks is to reignite the industry and modernize the ultra marathon community.

We're all in on making our race the best race for YOU. We have top-tier media, livestreaming, and aid station accommodations. Gone are the days of watered down ramen and Gatorade mix.

We created DC Peaks 50 because the mountains in Davis County are our home. We knew there was going to be a 50 miler here someday and so we waited. And waited. And waited...until we decided to simply do it ourselves since nobody else will. We truly believe that we have some of the best views on this course in all of Utah.

Our runners flooded us with compliments after the first year in 2022. Many runners talked about how they stopped to take pictures of the views and trails they were running on because they were too beautiful not to. We want our runners to have something tangible and useful when they finish the race, instead of a cheap medal with a ribbon they stick in a bin that only sees the light of day when that bin gets opened for another medal to get thrown into it.

We know you'll enjoy our race as it is THE first-class 50 miler and 50K here in Utah.

DCPeaks 2022 Podium Finishers